BroadProximity, LLC.'s Brand Insights & Analytics Platform is a location analytics tool that helps brands understand foot traffic trends, consumer behavior, and competitive landscape.  


How it works?
Gain insights nationally, regionally or by DMA through:  


  • Market Share Analysis – Understand your share of the market as compared to competitors
  • Brand Affinity – The likelihood of your brand visitors to visit other locations, categories, or points of interest  
  • Foot Traffic Analytics – Analyze consumer visits to your brand’s physical locations 
  • Audience Affinity – The likelihood of location-based audiences to visit a brand compared to the average visitation.

If you were to ask this question to a dozen different people you most likely will get a dozen different answers. According to Amazon brand analytics provides valuable insight to the owners of brands so that they can make an informed marketing decision about their product or service. It seems that everyone today wants to make an informed decision.


Several years ago, there was a bold prediction that mobile would overtake computers accessing the internet. Bold or not that prediction was right. Today with usage shooting up and showing no signs of slowing down among all demographics mobile apps are becoming a vital way to engage consumers with brands. Today well over half of all internet traffic is from mobile, the most used digital device on the planet.


The increase in app downloads year over year over year is 345%+. The number of apps downloaded every second from the Apple App Store is 850. The list goes on, the numbers are staggering and there is a report from Ericsson Mobility that predicts another huge 25% increase in mobile phones accessing the internet by 2025, that’s right around the corner. Every consumer has some brand awareness with some type of product or service. Mobile phone app advertising paired with geofencing allows local businesses to brand themselves and capture greater market share. How much time do consumer spend using mobile phones? The short answer is a lot. Mobile usage varies depending on the time of day and day of week. Mobile phone advertising used in conjunction with geofencing allows a local business to target the consumer in the morning with one message, a different message in the afternoon and another in the evening or over the weekend. The increase in cost for doing something like is actually nominal.


One of the many benefits of mobile phone advertising other than branding is that you can run ads through mobile phone apps that are only seen during a specific time of day. If you had a restaurant and you served a wide variety of breakfast items all day do you think that it would be great to advertise in the afternoon and evening to mobile phones during those times letting consumers know that? Maybe a daily special! You don’t have to imagine the following it’s being done right now: you can target a specific group of consumers with an ad that they receive on the mobile phones and the ad message, brand and offer can be delivered at a certain time and day and day of the week. At the time of this writing we in the midst of a pandemic, maybe you’ve heard of Covid-19. Wordstream a well-known online company that offers insights, advice on online advertising, marketing and software solutions shared the following. Covid-19 has changed consumer behavior online, there is an increase in late night search in both mobile and desktop.


What this means is that mobile apps are being used by consumer more today than ever before and there is no slowdown in sight. Mobile phones are practically implanted into our palms. Now every business can afford to brand themselves locally, increase top of mind awareness and increasing market share. Look at how many devices our homes can have connected to the internet today, we have internet connected smart tv, smart speakers, smart watches, smart heating, smart lighting, smart plugs, smart video calling devices, smart smoke alarms, smart baby monitors and more. Do you know what comes along with all these smart devices? Brand names. Branding works and the right local branding insights and analytics platform will help any local business gain market share. You gain market share by wooing satisfied customer from you competitors and making them loyal to your business product or service.

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