Targeted Direct Mail® - FAQ's

Is the tag privacy compliant?

Since the origin of the data is from opt-in sources, the data gathering itself is compliant and in accordance with privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. The names and addresses come in as a streaming data feed, which we send directly to our press in order to print and mail the cards. We don’t share the mailing data with the advertisers, which maintains privacy compliance throughout the process.


What types of business does this work for? 

While B2C companies will typically see the best results, we’ve put together successful programs for B2B and Services companies as well. Generally, if you have a website and you’re looking to convert more orders or generate more leads from the interested traffic, this is probably for you


Is the tag easy to place?

Yes, it only takes a few minutes. If you already use Google Tag Manager it’s even easier. Our tag is “asynchronous,” lightweight, and doesn’t affect site speed. We have instructions for placing on Shopify and other e-commerce sites, too.


What filters can I use to pick which visitors to mail to?

Choose the URLs that have the stronger conversion rates and highest order value or profit (abandoned cart, product page, etc.). You can also filter by the number of page views and geographic targeting.


Can I send different postcards to my visitors?

Yes. We’ll help you analyze your website traffic to see if it makes sense to implement different creative for different pages visited.


Can I use this as a new customer acquisition channel?

Yes. Simply send us a list of existing customers to suppress. Depending on your customers’ typical buying cycle, we recommend a suppression file of the past 12-24 months.


Do I need to be an expert to design the postcard?

If you have a designer who’s experienced with direct mail, great — but don’t hesitate to tap into our 25+ years of designing high-response direct mail. No designer? Not a problem, once we work with you on the best strategy, we can create the postcard.


Can I make changes after the program starts?

Yes. Whether it’s changing the budget, adding more pages or updating the creative, most changes can be implemented by the following business day.


Do I need to pay upfront?

No. There are no upfront costs, but a credit card or checking account for ACH payments is required to bill to, once your package subscription begins. Once your program launches we mail your cards out during the week and then automatically bill you on the 1st or 15th of every month.


How long does it take to start a program?

It really depends on the creative. Once you place the tag on the site, we start seeing data the next day. From there, it’s a question of setting the filtering rules, your budget, etc. When the creative is ready, we can launch the program. 

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