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Mobile Marketing & Postcard Retargeting

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  • As you strategize ways to create cohesive marketing campaigns across channels, do not forget about our pairing of mobile with direct mail. Even though these channels may be completely different from one another, when used together they can increase the other’s strengths and mitigate weaknesses.
  • Mobile with direct mail allows you to tie a channel with massive reach to a widely-used device that allows for promotion, redemption and overall more conversions. You can combine the personal touch and positive emotional impact of direct mail with the real-time convenience and persuasiveness of smartphone technology.
  • Now that we are driving consumers to your website with our mobile marketing technology our Targeted Direct Mail® will capture their name and address. Separate yourself from the competition, position your company for branding and top of mind awareness and advertise your product or service with BroadProximity, LLC.

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Mobile solutions That Drive Results

Mobile Device Marketing

Boost brand awareness locally to consumers near you in a building, a zip code, a neighborhood or across town in real time. Ad packages prices for any size business you can geo-target local ads to the most used device on the planet, mobile phones. Read More

Targeted Direct Mail®

Enables business of all types to leverage their daily website visitor data, set up filtering and segmentation rules, and then send out a postcard with a call of action, within the same business day. Has a Return on Ad Spend up to 9x and more. Read More

Targeted Direct List®

Enables your business to send targeted direct mail pieces to people who have already shown interest in your brand and are actively pursuing your product or service. Start converting website visit and increase your sales. Read More

Connected TV/OTT(CTV)

Build your brand in front of consumers with specific traits, interest, preference and demographics that are more likely to buy from you. By advertising your brand on CTV aka Connected TV.  Target the growing number of households leaving cable. Read More

Targeted Desktop®

Build your brand through cross-device channels in order to drive more consumers to physical points of interest or convert them on Desktop.  The ads displayed are highly targeted, reaching specified locations, demographics, and audience. Read More

Digital Retarget®

Every business is challenged with increasing website conversion. Digital Retarget helps by bringing visitors back to your site and keeps you top of mind. Don't  let your visitors go to get your competitors’ branding, offers, and messages instead of yours. Read More

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