What is Audience targeting?

Audience Targeting is a way for businesses to reach likely consumers with precision and scale based on their past online and offline behaviors, interests, location, and demographic information.


How Does it Work?


Businesses can use this information to create tailored ads and target customers when they are likely to buy a product or use a service. If a customer has filled out a form, visits your website, or is observed inside your brick-and-mortar location, you can also create an audience segment to retarget these customers at a later point in time. The more relevant targeting parameters you use to create your target audience, the more effective your advertising campaign will be in terms of results and cost. 


Why Our Audience Targeting Platform?


Our Audience Targeting platform is built with location data at the forefront. This allows you to build an audience profile not just based on your customers online habits, but off-line habits as well, providing the most accurate picture of customer behavior available from any location-based platform. Combine audience targeting with geofencing mobile ads, weather targeting, and brand analytics to create the most sophisticated mobile geo-targeting of it’s kind. 










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