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    While Mobile leads and drives foot traffic, desktop delivers online sales. Desktop continues to be the platform of choice when making purchasing decisions for products such as personal insurance, travel bookings, or high value items. Leverage BroadProximity, LLC.’s proprietary mapping technology to identify and target customers based on their real world visitation history and demographics.

    BroadProximity, LLC. a leader in Geofencing technology is now offering Desktop advertising. Our focus is audience and retargeting on desktop based on the search habits of the consumer. Say you’re a plumber, would you want to target homeowners who have and are searching for water heaters or slab leak or some other type of plumbing service? Maybe the homeowner is searching for ideas for a remodeling project or changing a whole house to copper pipping. We build audiences based on past searches and behaviors and can now offer cross channel or cross device advertising.

The advantage of cross channel or cross device advertising by BroadProximity, LLC. is this: we help advertiser’s create campaigns that accurately reflect how a user spends their time throughout the day, days or weeks etc. A consumer may read their news on their mobile phone app and browse other apps throughout the day. When the consumer gets home they may log onto their desktop to look at a larger screen and have several tabs open at once to be more efficient and theirs your ad, again. That’s branding and creating top of mind awareness. Local businesses now have the opportunity to target consumers in real time on their mobile phones while they’re out around town or shopping with friends. All advertising mediums work together, some better than others. Being able to follow up with consumers on their desktop will better unify your cell phone advertising with desktop and you can back that up with targeted direct mail. Branding and top of mind awareness is what we offer. Being in front of the consumer as close to their decision making process of making a purchase of a product or service is where every business should want to be. Our targeted direct mail will capture the physical address of visitors to your website, you never knew they were there because they are surfing the net, moving from you site to your competitors website.


The most used device on the planet is our mobile phones. Computers, laptops, tablets were the rage and they are still used frequently. As a local business why wouldn’t you want to advertise your business on the most used device in the world, cell phones and then follow that up with advertising your business on desktops and targeted direct mail? That’s a winning combination for branding your business name and creating top of mind awareness. Accuracy of information and audience targeting is our focus at BroadProximity, LLC. and we’re excited to offer new advertising mediums that complement each other. We will advertise your business in real time through mobile phones, targeted desktop and targeted direct mail postcards. These advertising mediums work hand in hand with each other to significantly increase your reach and visibility to the right consumers. We don’t build the audience; we follow the information of how the consumer searches online and offline. It’s no secret that more and more people are moving to CTV, Connected TV. Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, Millennials are moving from traditional TV and advertising platforms and as a local business you should be shifting some of your advertising budget towards this group. How much of your advertising budget is debatable. Ignoring this will have a negative impact on your business in the long run. Every local business should position itself today for business months and years from now. Contact BroadProximity, LLC. for a free no obligation consultation. In order for us to help you we need to know your agenda, your expectations and budget. And as we ask and answer each other questions we will help you set goals, start a campaign that will target by location and audience group.


We will Geofence the right customer for you. We will target a specific group of people based on filters, demographics and your input. Then we follow that up with targeted Desktop advertising, this will brand your business and create top of mind awareness. The time spent on our cell phones is increasing; the time spent on the internet is increasing. If you want to follow the money than follow Amazon who is shifting more of their advertising budget to mobile devices with each passing year. The future of local advertising will be done on cell phones and desktop. Use both digital products to brand your business and create top of mind awareness. Then follow that up with targeted direct mail postcards, the consumer visited your site for a reason. Capture that purchase intent. Branding and top of mind awareness is critical and it has been mentioned in this write up several times, we hope it is sinking in. Don’t think for a moment that print advertising is dead or going away. Many people made the mistake of taking that position many years ago and they were wrong. They were wrong because baby boomers and seniors prefer print and it’s their local first search preference when they want to do business with a local business. That great transfer of wealth that has been talked about for decades has not happened yet because baby boomers and seniors are living longer. We are getting closer to that transfer of wealth and when it happens you better have a good foot print on the digital side of advertising, creating top of mind awareness and branding.


BroadProximity, LLC. can help you do just that, contact us for a free no obligation conversation.  

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