Targeted Direct Mail®

If you’re like most companies, you’re spending a lot of money to drive website traffic. Yet 97% will remain unknown and unconverted.


Interested customers are visiting your company website. Targeted Direct Mail® (TDM) allows you to get a professionally created personalized postcard in their hands within 2-5 days depending on postcard size. We match about 50% of your website visitors to addresses, then mail the next day. Different cards can be sent based on the pages they visited. 


Digital retargeting simply isn’t enough. TDM reaches those ad-blind, ad-annoyed, and ad-blocked – bringing 20x more consumers back to your website than digital retargeting and with higher conversion rates!


It’s so easy to get started. We begin by sending a tag you place on your website. Are you ready?

How Does it Work?
Targeted Direct Mail targets previously unknown website visitor who’ve demonstrated interest in your product or service. You might have been one of a handful of referrals from a satisfied customer. A custom Targeted Direct Mail postcard will be delivered to a potential customer’s home within a few days of their visit to your website. This personalized custom postcard can have a call to action or an offer of your choosing.

Set Up Tracking Set Up Tracking
We'll analyze your current website traffic and work together to add specialized tracking on your website that matches visitors with mailable addresses. We will target pages and visitors most likely to convert.



Send Postcards Send Postcards                                                                                     

We'll send direct mail postcards designed by our design experts to the addresses that our tracking system has collected. How many addresses we mail is based on your website traffic and package purchased. For some clients we mail 10 cards per day, some over 1,000.



Track Results Track Results                                                                              

Tracking visitors returning to your website is easy from our system dashboard. We can look at everything from mail tracking to conversions. We evaluate results and optimize who and what pages we’re targeting for even better results.


The Difference
Targeted Direct Mail differs from direct mail which has been around for many years. Our Targeted Direct Mail follows up on a warm lead consumer who expressed interest in your business, product and service. This is not a cold lead where you have to create the need for your product or service or interest in your business. The only person who receives this personalized custom postcard is someone who has visited your website without you knowing. They did not fill out a contact form, they did not make a purchase or maybe they abandoned their e-commerce cart.



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The results for many businesses have been nothing short of phenomenal. 

Targeted Direct Mail Statistics


97% of website visitors fail to convert. That's all about to change...

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